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Library of Chinese Classics: Laozi

Library of Chinese Classics: Laozi
Translated into English by Arthur Waley
Translated into Modern Chinese by Chen Guying, revised and annotated by Fu Huisheng

Library binding book, dimensions 960 x 640, 1/16, hardcover, 293 pages

Published by Hunan People's Publishing House and Foreign Languages Press, 1999
ISBN: 7543820897

Laozi, also known as Dao De Jing, is the essential Taoist book and one of a triad that make up the most influential religious and philosophical writings of Chinese tradition. According to legend, it was written by Lao Dan, a native of the state of Chu in the late Spring and Autumn Period. The book consists of 81 chapters. The book is a record of Lao Dan's words on his philosophy. Although the Dao De Jing was originally designed to provide advice to the ruler, the Chinese regard its teachings as living and self-cultivation principles applicable to anyone. "Dao" is the basic category of the universe that it is independent of all other things, that it moves in cycles; "De", on the other hand, is the extension of "Dao" and its application in life, society and politics. The English translation of the present edition is one of major influence. As Taoism emerges as one of the East Asian philosophies most interesting to Westerners, the Dao De Jing is the subject of hundreds of new interpretive studies each year. Before Waley's English translation was reprinted, it had been checked against other translations. Appended is a reproduction of the silk copy of Laozi unearthed at Mawangdui in Changsha in 1972.

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