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Yellow Emperor's Canon of Medicine -Spiritual Pivot

Yellow Emperor's Canon of Medicine - Spiritual Pivot (3 Vol.s)
-Library of Chinese Classics Chinese-English
Translator: Liu Xiru (Modern Chinese); Li Zhaoguo (English)
Publisher: New World Press, 12/2008
Language: Text, Modern Chinese, English
Library binding: Hardcover, 3 volumes, 1167 pages; 9.8 x 7.2 x 3.2 inches
ISBN: 9787506269827

Yellow Emperor's Canon of Medicine is composed of two books: Plain Conversation and Spiritual Pivot. It is the earliest extant medical canon in China that records the achievements of medicine made by Chinese people in ancient times.
Theoretically, Plain Conversation discusses the principles of yin-yang, cultivation of health in different seasons as well as the physiology and pathology of viscera and Channels. While Spiritual Pivot mainly deals with acupuncture and moxibustion. It is the first known treatise about acupuncture with its associated medical procedures. The title itself expresses a world vision and reality where material and structure are secondary to the living energy of Ling Shu, the Spiritual Pivot.
Yellow Emperor's Canon of Medicine has established the theoretic system of traditional Chinese medicine. In the past thousands of years, it guided the development of traditional Chinese medicine. Even today, Yellow Emperor's Canon of Medicine still plays an important role in guiding the theoretic study and clinical practice of traditional Chinese medicine.
Apart from medicine, Yellow Emperor's Canon of Medicine has also recorded knowledge concerning many other fields in ancient times, such as astrology, meteorology and phenology, preserving important historical data for the present study of these sciences.

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