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Gynecology of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Newly Compiled Practical English-Chinese Library of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Gynecology of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Compiler-in-Chief: Ding Shuhua
Translators-in-Chief: Zhang Dengfeng and Yang Mingshan
Compiled and Translated by Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Published by Publishing House of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, SHANGHAI
Language: Chinese-English
Paperback, 787mm X 1092mm, 247 pages
ISBN 7810106570

Gynecology, one of the main clinical specialties in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), is unique in theory, rich in therapeutic methods and significant in clinical curative effect. For the purpose of promoting the development of the theory and treatment of gynecology in TCM in the whole world for the benefit of MANKIND, we have compiled this book based on our clinical experience and other medical literature.

This book is composed of two major parts. The general introduction includes three chapters, concentrating on introducing the physiological features and pathological changes, the diagnosis based on the four diagnostic methods and syndrome differentiation as well as the therapeutic principles and treatment. Specific discussions is composed of 8 chapters and 31 kinds of diseases. The diseases are described, with the names of modern medicine, in terms of their definition, causes and pathogenesis as well as clinical characteristics. The part of key points for syndrome differentiation focuses on describing the history, symptoms and signs as well as differential diagnosis of the disease in question. The part of treatment based on syndrome differentiation mainly includes main symptoms, therapeutic methods, prescription and medicinal herbs as well as herbal modification. Other therapeutic methods include patent medicine of TCM, empirical and folk recipes, application, fumigation and lotion.

This book is easy to read, concise in description and practical in application. The content ranges from the ancient literature to the modern practice covering the concerned records in both the ancient and modern medical literature as well as the clinical experience of the doctors in the previous dynasties. The terms used in describing symptoms and treatment are selected in light of the Clinical Diagnostic and Therapeutic Terminology of TCM issued by the People's Republic of China and Gynecology of TCM in Medical Encyclopedia.

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